The Importance of Design: 2D

24 Aug 2016 10:52 AM | Austin Owens (Administrator)

Good design… What is IT and what does GOOD design do?

Design is all around. Some design is good; some is bad. What is the difference?

Most intentions with design are to create a form that is useful.

In any area of creativity “Good Design is that which is most useful for its purpose without causing problems”. 

In Engineering (mechanical or electrical) it is the design that does the most work at or for the least cost. In city planning its what moves traffic & people smoothly from point to point throughout the city.

 In 2 dimensional designs it is that which inspires its viewer to want to see all of it there is to see. Much like the Mechanical, Electrical or civic design it creates a useful flow of information and images.

Imagine, if you were to pick up magazine and all of the photos were just thrown on the page. Crooked, and without regard to spacing, color or content within a very few moments of picking up the publication it would end up face down in a pile,- unread.

 So, good 2-dimensional or print design begins with the designer deciding what he or she is intending for the viewer to feel. It is contextual to color and informational Flow. The size of the page is also a big contributor. How much text is on the page? Overall, how do the text, photos, size, and flow convince the viewer to want to read or view the entire piece? 

So when creating a 2-dimensional print piece remember, create a flow of information. Help the viewer by directing from informational point to informational point. Use colors that compliment each other and are inviting. Try to think of fonts as street signs that help direct the flow of traffic. 

Ultimately, your traveler is the human eye. Give a smooth ride from point to point and you will have made a great design.

Written by M.C. Owens, Print Design Engineer

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