Room to Fail

08 Feb 2016 9:03 AM | Andy Hasara (Administrator)

I walked into Cyberia a few days ago and saw a message in big letters on the robotics team's whiteboard:


I was not the only one to see it that day, and many people commented to me that that seemed to be a fairly bad attitude to be teaching the team. We are free thinkers, very optimistic, and usually focused on achieving our goals. As my daughter likes to point out, "People in STEM are always trying to one-up each other" Let's face it, we are a competitive lot!

But what makes the maker movement different is how we react to our failures. We accept them, we embrace them, we learn from them, and we move on.

I read an article this morning about how Larry Page, Elon Musk, and Jack Dorsey dealt with their earlier failures, and then moved on to do bigger and better things.

So the next time you are afraid to do something because it might fail, remember the message on the whiteboard. Failure is always an option, but don't let it be the failure to act that you come to regret.

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