Beginning Robotics with Arduino

  • 26 Jul 2015
  • 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Club Cyberia Classroom
  • 5


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This class is for people who have an arduino, or who built one in our soldering class and want to make it do more.  You will assemble a simple robot chassis and learn how to read the sensors and control the motors.

Learning Objectives:
  • learn how to control a motor with an H-Bridge
  • learn what an H-Bridge is and how it is usefull
  • learn to read the output of several sensors
  • build a reconfigurable chassis from a kit that can be easily changed as your robot changes
  • learn in a non-judgmental, fun environment
  • discover whether or not you want to pursue your desire to build more robots
​C​lass instructor: Austin Owens, longtime robo-psychologist 
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