If this is an Emergency, call 911 from the desk phone by the door or on your cell phone, because by the time we read this email, it may be too late!

Something is Wrong!

But we want to fix it!  The first step is letting us know what happened.

Check the sections below to find out who to report the kind of problem you are having.

If this does not resolve your issue, send us a message at 

If it's a problem with the building. . .

  • The door won't lock/unlock
  • A light is out and needs to be replaced
  • A mess needs to be cleaned up
  • You can't get enough current for your tool to run
  • Something has been stolen/damaged
  • There was a fire or the CO monitor went off
  • The roof is leaking
  • The Fire Marshall or Police stopped by
  • Something Dangerous is Going on!

Contact this person!

If it is a problem with the equipment. . .

  • Something stopped working/you broke something 
  • You need a trainer to show you how to use a machine
  • You want to donate or store your tools at Club Cyberia
  • You need help setting up a tool
  • A tool needs is missing a part
  • You want to help organize tools and donations
  • You have something to help with Tox Drop

Contact this person!

If it is a problem with a member . . .

  • Tempers got too hot to handle, and you need a break
  • You want to talk to someone who will sit and listen
  • You are up for some mischief
  • You have not got anything sharp on you...well, unless you're in Knife Club :)

Contact this person!

If it is a problem with the web site . . .

  • Your membership level is not correct
  • You are locked out and need your password reset
  • The colors are wrong and it is not because of medication or head injury
  • You want to add an article to the News section
  • You want to have your project featured on the web site

Contact this person!

If there is a problem with a payment. . .

  • A payment was supposed to be posted, but it was not.
  • You forgot to make your monthly dues payment
  • You need to find out about a payment for a class you taught
  • Your Account was charged/not charged when it was supposed to be.

Contact this person!

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