Cyberia Radio Club

Cyberia Radio Club

W9CRC is an Amateur "Ham" Radio club station created and operated by members of Cyberia.  The goal of W9CRC is to further the fusion of science and society through the application of radio technologies.  We will consider not just advanced technologies but also how antiquated radio techniques can be adapted to modern technologies.  Some of our interests include:

  • Developing and holding ham radio classes for training new hams and those wishing to upgrade
  • Holding regular no-cost license exams through the W9WWV VE Team and Laurel VEC
  • High Altitude Balloons and Rocketry telemetry - partnered with
  • Satellite Communications - OSCAR
  • Space Communications - International Space Station, Deep Space Craft
  • Software Defined Radio - Design, construction and modification of hardware and software (PC applications, FPGA, embedded microprocessors, etc)
  • Filter and amplifier design and construction
  • Antenna design and construction
  • Automation of antennas, amplifiers, radios and access control systems.


W9CRC operates a Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X repeater on 441.875 MHz, DCS 043, auto/auto mode select.  This system is open to all hams for use.  The repeater is currently on a MFJ-1538 quad band repeater antenna at just under 50 ft AGL.  The repeater should have good HT coverage for a few miles around Cyberia Makerspace and mobile coverage of much of the NE side of Indy and Lawrence.  This is meant to be an experimental repeater as much as functional.  We will likely add/remove features as we explore Yaesu System Fusion and eventually attempt to use it with WIRES-X and other technologies.

Club Station
W9CRC maintains a club amateur station in the Cyberia Workshop located in the private member room.  The station has equipment capable of operating many VHF/UHF satellites as well as HF and 6m.  The satellite antenna array is in the air and in the process of being wired to the ham shack.

Keep in Touch

Classes and Exams

We hold periodic FREE, NO COST ham radio testing sessions with the W9WWV Laurel VE Team.

We hold periodic ham radio classes.  If you would like to express interest in classes please email David L Norris, KG9AE <> with which license class you would be interested in attending if we hold it.

Who is W9CRC?

  • David L Norris, KG9AE, Trustee
  • Greg Chaney, N9MOX
  • Frank Robison, KD9BUQ
  • Jason Voyles, W9ZOI
  • David Taylor, N9RDI
  • Blake Hadley, N0OBE
  • George Miller, KE5GUI

If you are interested in joining W9CRC then please contact David L Norris, KG9AE <> either via email or in person at a Cyberia Makerspace open house event.  

What is Ham Radio?

Amateur "Ham" radio is the use of designated radio frequencies for purposes of private recreation,non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communication. The term "amateur" is used to specify persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without direct monetary or other similar reward, and to differentiate it from commercial broadcasting (FM/AM radio), public safety (police and fire), or professional two-way radio services (such as maritime, aviation, taxis, etc.).

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