Notes from Exec Team Meeting January 2, 2017

09 Jan 2017 6:19 PM | Andy Hasara (Administrator)


David Norris, Andy Hasara, Frank Robison, Austin Owens, Teal Van Vlymen (stopped by), Mark Owens (late)


Schedule of Events – The Schedule should be completely up by the end of the day 1-2-2016.  Andy will review the schedule with Austin on Saturday between open House and Starship Bridge night.

Funding on the Laser – funding is still waiting on the form 990 to be completed..  New laser is set for delivery at the beginning of February.  It will arrive in USA around middle of January, tghen be checked over.  We will need to purchase a Pyrometer to keep the laser calibrated – estimated cost is $150.  There is a note that we need 220 by the end of February.  We need to start arrainging Alpha for power and venting ASAP.

Is the Business Model changing (re: our Business Plan) – Our Current Business Model was Membership + WorkShop + Classes (Sources of Income).  The new one is based on Programs, so income is Maker Community + Education program + Robotics + (whatever other programs are Kickstarted and Stable as the year Progresses.  Frank recommend we search for “Unified Chart of Accounts for Non Profits” to understand the new accounting model.

Frank is Stepping Down – After Jesse is trained as Treasurer, Frank will no longer be part of Exec Team or Board

Update on Gamma – josh Baxter (landlord) has some bites, so if we are going to take it, we need to move soon.

Goals for the new Year:

Austin – net growth of 10 members per month
Frank – 15 Events per Month
Dave – 30 Events per Month
Mic – 10 Corporate Sponsors by end of the Year
Andy – 4 new Programs (communities) Kickstarted and Stable by the end of the Year


Andy needs to look into Teal’s membership – he was getting notices that payments were due and he was not sure if that was correct.

There is a new Makerspace in Noblesville: a La cART.  It is a DIY Hobby Center.  Andy will go visit on Wednesday Jan 18th.

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