Agenda for Member Meeting 12-9-2016

21 Nov 2016 3:03 PM | Andy Hasara (Administrator)

Agenda for Member Meeting 12-9-2016

Old Business

Laser Cutter Update

Money was set aside for materials and/or Software - has it been ordered? (tubs, tags, and Electrical for the benches)

New Bylaws were posted 11-21-2016 for Review & an Email Vote was Taken.  What are the results.

List of the Robotics Teams Contests and Events, as they are known

CNC Update

Reminder about the Cyberia member Recognition on 12-10-2016

Looking into a new room - Jason Voyles

Committee Reports

Exec Committee – Dave Norris

Membership Committee – Andy Hasara

Building Committee – Austin Owens

Treasurer Report  - Frank Robison 

Marketing Committee – Mark Owens 

Equipment Committee – Teal Van Vlymen

Event Committee – Austin Owens 

Website Committee – Andy Hasara

Security Committee – Frank Robison - Review if new cameras worked with new security software.

New Business

Sunday the 11th starting at noon will be a film shoot of Cyberia makers making. We need to have 6 to 8 makers to be filmed in addition to Mic, Josh, Andy have already been filmed. Please ask around and let me know who can attend.

There will be limited new business as we try to close out as many open topics for the year as possible.

A brief break is needed to give new officers a chance to adjust to the new duties and do a bit of painting in the workshop. The break will run from Dec 19 to January 2nd.  Officers will not likely be available during that time.  Volunteers will be needed to make sure cleaning and repairs are done.

Introduce volunteers for the new positions, and voting if new bylaws are passed.

Volunteers are currently (others will be added as people respond): 

  • Wes Kirk - Anything not Physical
  • Frank Robison - Officer
  • Andy Hasara - Anything
  • Jason Voyles - Officer
  • Austin Owens - Anything
  • Nick Fletcher - Officer
  • David Norris - Anything
  • Teal Van Vlymen - Anything
  • Josh B. - Ambassador/ Teacher
  • Braden Macintyre - Membership Committee
  • Mic Owens - General Volunteer
  • Jason Toberman - Teacher/ General Volunteer
  • Keith Russell - General Volunteer/Member Assistance

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