When and Where Are the Meetings?

Executive Team Meetings

Executive Team meetings are usually at 7 PM on Thursday in the Makerspace room unless noted otherwise.  

Monthly Board of Directors Meetings are on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7 PM in the Makerspace’s Lounge.  All Board meetings are videoed and are archived on the Cyberia channel on Youtube.

All levels of membership are invited to attend the weekly Executive Team meeting and the Monthly Board of Directors Meeting.  All Active Paying members may suggest topics and issues for these meetings through, or request an agenda from the Secretary, docs@cyberialtd.org. 

Committee Meetings

Individual administrative and club committees will meet as needed.  These meetings will be listed in upcoming events

Annual meetings as required in the bylaws will be announced in advance.  

Notes from these meetings are available below.


  • 10 Jan 2017 11:07 AM | Andy Hasara (Administrator)


    Jason Toberman, David Norris, Joanna Conrad, Josh Bullemer, Andy Hasara

    Started at 6:22pm

    Laser Update

    • Schedule for delivery Feb 1st
    • Funding - We need 990 done to do anything with Laser funding
    • Frank is working with Mary (our CPA) about getting everything fixed.
    • Mary has been volunteering time.
    • We last heard from her  via email to Dave January 8th, 2017
    • All in Mary’s hands at this point
    • Dave will give us update next week

    We need a Pyrometer (giant block of graphite with a calibrated temperature sensor) to maintain the new laser. We will tackle this after funding for laser is set.  No one has been assigned to this yet.

    Arranging Alpha for new laser

    We will need to wire up a 220 Volt electrical outlet after laser gets here.  Frank said he will tackle this.  Frank said it was 10 min job - does not need help

    Getting Gamma rented

    Time is running out.  We need to follow up with the 2 visitors that spoke with jason Voyles.  Tobes will follow up with Jason V.

    Dave will follow-up with Austin and Frank about details on contacting local Home school co-ops about renting room in Gamma.  (Austin was to pass this to Tyler Smith)

    Dave's Goal of 30 events planned per month

     Andy said that scheduled events were around 200 events for 2017 so far. Calendar has been updated with many, but there is more to come.  Tobes will ask Austin to bring update to next meeting

    Could Cyberia’s exec board take professional pictures

    Tabled until next meeting

    Joanna’s account has invoice date issues

    Joanna will reach out Frank to solve problem

    Funding for Josh to build welding bench

    Josh will follow-up with Austin

    Showing up on time

    Talk about at next meeting.  Tobes will talk to Frank about calendar invites

    Lighted Sign on 30th Street

    The ballast system is shot so it needs rewiring or replacement with LED Bulbs.  The sign uses 8 tubes of 6 ft length (F72T12/HO), but frank thinks we may be able to get by with 4 bulbs (worth a try?)

    Andy emailed link to purchase the bulbs to Frank.  The LED bulbs are $50 each
    We cannot split costs with other places because of no interest
    Board needs to vote on this


    Andy is working on this.  Andy will reach out to Frank for help.  

    Promoting Woodworking Youtubers

    There is a Maker Meetup at Twin Peaks Restaurant at 7 PM on February 4th.  There a three live shows at Indiana State Fair grounds, and the last one is just before the Maker Meetup.

    Cyberia should help promote this.  Andy has put event on Facebook and Meetup, but it needs to be brought up every week on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Dave will set this up this week, but we will need someone else to do that for next week.

    We want to link the Youtuber's accounts to any promotion that Cyberia does.

    We also want to show up to event and promote Cyberia.  There will be a volunteer meeting on Feb 3 at 7 PM.

    Andy is currently working on organizational structure in the Business plan and Marketing plan

    Storage space downstairs

    Tobes wants to store his Power Wheels Racing League go kart project
    Tabled until the next Meeting

    Next Artemis Night (February)

    It will be on February 18th. Tobes will send email & put it on the Events calendar. He will hang a poster for it in Beta

    Grantsmanship program is starting up at library, as well as a running nonprofit program

    They are coming in March. Joanna will provide update next meeting

    Meeting ended at 7:46pm

    Action Item Summary

    Jason T.

    • Tobes will follow up with Jason Voyles about 2 gamma visitors
    • Tobes will ask Austin to bring update about events to next meeting
    • Tobes will talk to Frank about calendar invites
    • Tobes will send email + put on calendar Artemis event

    David N

    • Dave will give us laser update next week
    • Dave will follow-up with Austin and Frank about details of school co-op
    • Dave will do social media advertising for woodworking youtubers this week!


    • Joanna will reach out frank to solve problem about account
    • Joanna will provide update next meeting about library grantsmanship & nonprofit programs from the library


    • Josh follow-up with Austin about welding bench


    • Andy will reach out to Frank for help on HipChat

  • 09 Jan 2017 6:19 PM | Andy Hasara (Administrator)


    David Norris, Andy Hasara, Frank Robison, Austin Owens, Teal Van Vlymen (stopped by), Mark Owens (late)


    Schedule of Events – The Schedule should be completely up by the end of the day 1-2-2016.  Andy will review the schedule with Austin on Saturday between open House and Starship Bridge night.

    Funding on the Laser – funding is still waiting on the form 990 to be completed..  New laser is set for delivery at the beginning of February.  It will arrive in USA around middle of January, tghen be checked over.  We will need to purchase a Pyrometer to keep the laser calibrated – estimated cost is $150.  There is a note that we need 220 by the end of February.  We need to start arrainging Alpha for power and venting ASAP.

    Is the Business Model changing (re: our Business Plan) – Our Current Business Model was Membership + WorkShop + Classes (Sources of Income).  The new one is based on Programs, so income is Maker Community + Education program + Robotics + (whatever other programs are Kickstarted and Stable as the year Progresses.  Frank recommend we search for “Unified Chart of Accounts for Non Profits” to understand the new accounting model.

    Frank is Stepping Down – After Jesse is trained as Treasurer, Frank will no longer be part of Exec Team or Board

    Update on Gamma – josh Baxter (landlord) has some bites, so if we are going to take it, we need to move soon.

    Goals for the new Year:

    Austin – net growth of 10 members per month
    Frank – 15 Events per Month
    Dave – 30 Events per Month
    Mic – 10 Corporate Sponsors by end of the Year
    Andy – 4 new Programs (communities) Kickstarted and Stable by the end of the Year


    Andy needs to look into Teal’s membership – he was getting notices that payments were due and he was not sure if that was correct.

    There is a new Makerspace in Noblesville: a La cART.  It is a DIY Hobby Center.  Andy will go visit on Wednesday Jan 18th.

  • 20 Dec 2016 10:30 AM | Andy Hasara (Administrator)

    Board of Directors Meeting 12-19-2016

    Priority Items

    Assign interim positions for COO and CFO

    It was resolved to assign David Norris and Frank Robison as Interim COO and Interim CFO until replacements have been chosen

    Define the existing Communities, and give them until the next quarter to Submit Chairperson and Vice Chair to board for recognition.

    It was resolved to recognize our existing communities: The Makers, W9CRC Amateur Radio Station, The Tektonic Ninjas FTC Robotics Team, The Education Program, and The Metal Working community.  These, and any other community groups, now have until the day before the April Community Meeting on April 21st 2017 to submit for recognition by Board of Directors:

    1. The name and purpose of your community
    2. The name of the member who is the Chair Person
    3. The name of the member who is your Vice Chair Person
    4. The name of three members who make up this community

    It was resolved that Recognition for new Communities requires that applications be submitted in writing or by email to the Board Secretary, that the members be contacted by the board to verify their interest, and that the Board of Directors approve the community as being in line with Cyberia LTD’s Mission and Vision by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

    It was resolved that the Board of Directors will have a Special Board Meeting the day before the April 21st,  2017 Community Meeting to allow any last minute groups to participate.

    Transition issue: Decide when we want to schedule a cutoff date for applications for CFO and COO, and pick the best applicant at that time.

    It was resolved that we have agreed that we will not accept new applications after Jul 31st, 2017

    It will was resolved that we will appoint the COO and CFO from the pool of applicants no later than the September 8yh, 2017 Board Meeting.

    Set Date to meet with lawyer

    We will meet with the lawyer on or around January 23rd, 2017.  Dave Norris will contact him to arrange the appointment.

    Make a schedule of the Annual, Monthly, and Quarterly Meetings for 2017

    • Annual Meetings of the Board and Community will be the 2nd Friday in January and the 2nd Friday in December.
    • The Remaining Community Meetings will be the 3rd Friday in April and the 3rd Friday in July
    • The Remaining Board of Directors Meetings will be on the 2nd Friday of Each Month.
    • This schedule will hold until changed.

    There will NOT be a January Annual Meeting for the Community in 2017 because of the transition period.

    Other Items

    Approval of Job Qualification for COO

    Qualifications for COO:

    • Shop Experience is preferred
    • Business Management or having run your own business preferred
    • Non Profit Business experience is preferred
    • Must be able to pass a State of Indiana background check

    Approval of Job Qualifications for CFO

    Qualifications for CFO:

    • Must be a CPA
    • Significant Non Profit Experience is required
    • Must be Bonded

    Review the Vision Statement that Joanna Conrad develop to make sure it fits and that we approve.

    We approved the following as our Vision Statement:
    “Cyberia provides the tools to develop skills, pursue economic improvement, and connect with others of a like mind in an environment of self-learning, experimentation, and creativity in the immediate community and throughout Central Indiana.”

    Agreement of Position, Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, Conflict of Interest, and Non-Compete Agreements needs written and then approved

    We will research and submit copies of form for description of position, dealing with private and confidential data, non disclosure of company information and Conflict of Interest forms for the Board of Directors and all Staff Positions.

    We need a page describing each position (See Andy’s Example) with Title Purpose, Qualifications, Minimum Performance Requirements, Essential Functions, and Trailing Documents

    We will compile and write a page for each Board and Staff Position.

    Transition action is needed for the existing Staff Positions

    We have resolved to make an exception to the bylaws that we will operate the current Staff Positions as they are now until the new positions can be defined and appropriate personnel put in place.

    Amend the Articles of Incorporation

    We will make an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation to make the active Board of Directors the Trustees and to correct the mailing address after January 1st, 2017

  • 21 Nov 2016 3:03 PM | Andy Hasara (Administrator)

    Agenda for Member Meeting 12-9-2016

    Old Business

    Laser Cutter Update

    Money was set aside for materials and/or Software - has it been ordered? (tubs, tags, and Electrical for the benches)

    New Bylaws were posted 11-21-2016 for Review & an Email Vote was Taken.  What are the results.

    List of the Robotics Teams Contests and Events, as they are known

    CNC Update

    Reminder about the Cyberia member Recognition on 12-10-2016

    Looking into a new room - Jason Voyles

    Committee Reports

    Exec Committee – Dave Norris

    Membership Committee – Andy Hasara

    Building Committee – Austin Owens

    Treasurer Report  - Frank Robison 

    Marketing Committee – Mark Owens 

    Equipment Committee – Teal Van Vlymen

    Event Committee – Austin Owens 

    Website Committee – Andy Hasara

    Security Committee – Frank Robison - Review if new cameras worked with new security software.

    New Business

    Sunday the 11th starting at noon will be a film shoot of Cyberia makers making. We need to have 6 to 8 makers to be filmed in addition to Mic, Josh, Andy have already been filmed. Please ask around and let me know who can attend.

    There will be limited new business as we try to close out as many open topics for the year as possible.

    A brief break is needed to give new officers a chance to adjust to the new duties and do a bit of painting in the workshop. The break will run from Dec 19 to January 2nd.  Officers will not likely be available during that time.  Volunteers will be needed to make sure cleaning and repairs are done.

    Introduce volunteers for the new positions, and voting if new bylaws are passed.

    Volunteers are currently (others will be added as people respond): 

    • Wes Kirk - Anything not Physical
    • Frank Robison - Officer
    • Andy Hasara - Anything
    • Jason Voyles - Officer
    • Austin Owens - Anything
    • Nick Fletcher - Officer
    • David Norris - Anything
    • Teal Van Vlymen - Anything
    • Josh B. - Ambassador/ Teacher
    • Braden Macintyre - Membership Committee
    • Mic Owens - General Volunteer
    • Jason Toberman - Teacher/ General Volunteer
    • Keith Russell - General Volunteer/Member Assistance

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