How Do I Get Trained On a Machine

As you have likely noticed, there are three types of colored dots next to the power switches on most machines.  How you get checked out depends on the color of the dots and what that means.

Right Now, we have people assigned to check out someone based on the Red and Yellow Dots.  We need volunteers to step forward and take the helm of a Station Dean to help people with the Green Dot Machines.  They will be in charge of answering questions about the use and clean up of specific areas.  We are looking for Station Deans with knowledge of the safe operation in these areas:  Woodworking, Electronics, Servers, Hot Metal Working, Cold Metal Working.  If you are interested in helping out, contact our Facility Manager or Equipment Manager to find out what is involved.

Use the button below to schedule and pay for Laser Cutter or CNC Training. You will need to sign in or start an account at with Appointy to use the scheduler.

3D Printers

We have several different types of printers, and we offer a free monthly classes  to get your started.  Just sign up for one of those classes and get ready to make things on your own!

3D Printer Classes

  • No upcoming events

Metal Working

Ryan Kidder runs classes to teach the basics of machining.  His introduction classes are the way to be checked out in the Vertical Mill, metal Lathe, and Welding equipment.  Class costs apply.

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events
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