Material Donations

Cyberia also accepts donations of materials, especially anything we can use in our ongoing community education classes. Some examples of items we will accept:

  • End-of-life computers, servers, hard drives, LCD monitors (no CRT/TV/Tube monitors please)
  • Single board computer systems, breadboarding supplies
  • Printed Circuit materials
  • Any kind of Power Tools or Hand Tools
  • Scrap metal or wood, including firewood
  • Any strange or unusual tech items such as lasers, warp drives, impulse engines, aircraft, aircraft carriers,

We do not accept:

  • CRT monitors, TVs with Picture Tubes
  • Radioactive materials or spent nuclear fuel rods
  • Hazardous chemicals or explosives
  • Nuclear Fission reactors

If you are dropping off an In-kind donation, please print and fill out this Donation Tag and tape it to your item(s).  Even if we cannot use your item or reserve a place for it in our Boneyard, it may have scrap value that we can recover. 

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